Restoration heals the broken-hearted 
sets the captives free!!
Restoration heals the broken-hearted and sets the Captives FREE!!!
 Satanism . . .is it just another garden variety religion practiced by a harmless group of self-appointed followers who deserve tax exempt status and the protection of the first amendment?

Are the claims that countless numbers of crimes are committed by these groups in the name of satan against society every year false?

Is there nothing to the charges by qualified experts that thousands of babies and young children are kidnapped by these groups each year and sacrificed in cold blood to satan?

Is there nothing to the charges by many women that they were forced as children by their parents to bear babies for human sacrifice to appease satans thirst for blood?

Are we rally to believe that all of these claims are being made by the paranoid the disgruntled or those looking for notoriety or perhaps the opportunity to make some easy money?

Is this what we are being asked to believe?  Yes, this is in essence what the public and many law enforcement agencies are being force-fed as the truth in answer to the many pertinent question that are being asked concerning the practice of witchcraft and satanic worship.  But how could anything so dreadful and with such far reaching implications be covered up?

There are two separate groups, unrelated, behind the cover-up.  

First, there are the innocent who are motivated by a variety of reasons and self interests to know more about Satanism.  Some of whom have actually investigated some of he claims made by the victims of these wretched evil (reporters, writers, etc.).  But, and here comes the catch, because most of the victims of hard-core Satanism suffer the vilest forms of inhumane treatment at the hands of their captors, it is apparently difficult for those who have not experienced such horrors first hand to believe that n is capable of such inhumanity towards man.  (Especially those atrocities committed against women and children.)  The accounts of the victims experiences simply do not compute in the minds of those who have no background experience in this area.  More in recent years as ritualistic crime. 

The second group is made up of those who are actually involved in Satanism.  Ofcourse, their wickedness can continue only as long as they are free to operate under anonymity.  This is largely accomplished in two ways.  The first is to be well represented.  Any they are.  They come from all income groups and they cross all racial barriers.  They are businessmen, doctors, lawyers, policemen, firemen, etc.  They are every-where and they are sworn by blood covenants to protect one another.

The second is to skillfully manipulate the “innocent” into covering up for them, and thus far this approach has worked fine.

What those who study human behavior have thus far failed to understand is that the very nature of satan manifests through those who participate in evil and that they actually take on his likeness just as the truly committed christian takes on the likeness of Christ.

It I true, there is a battle raging between good and evil.  That is, between christianity and Satanism.  One of the express goals of Satanism is to dilute, subjugate and destroy Christianity.  But by no means does it stop there.  Satan worshippers do not just violate Christians.  There certainly was no prayer meeting taking place in the Sharon Tate home in Hollywood the night Charlie Manson and his group paid an unannounced visit several years ago.

Satans venomous attacks are directed at society at large.  If you think te dug nightmare of the 80’s was frightening, it was nothing compared to what satan worship produced in the 90’s. 

All of this having been said, the question becomes, are we going to do anything about this evil plague stalking mankind, or will we sit back and allow it to destroy us without firing a shot?

The problem is very complex.  It would appear on the surface that this is a routine task that law enforcement and the judiciary were intended by the framers of the constitution to deal with.  And normally this would be the case, but in this instance we become deeply bogged down in a paradox.

Many law enforcement agencies have through experience come to recognize ritualistic crime and have learned how to investigate it.

There are also prosecutors who recognize ritualistic crime for what it is and are more tan willing to prosecute it based on the facts of the case, but the judiciary is not realistic.  The word “ritualistic” is translated by the judiciary to mean religion.  Therefore religion, or religious preference is protected by the first amendment.  The bottom line is that Satanism is considered to be a religion.

This mistake, if not corrected, will cost mankind a high price in blood and suffering.  Your lives may depend on it.

By Rev. Frank M. Brim
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Rev.  Frank M. Brim