Chapter 1My Early Years

On May 11, 1927, I was born in the small town of Campbell, (pronounced 

“Camel”) in Southeast Missouri. I was delivered by a medical doctor who was also a 

Veterinarian or perhaps he was a Veterinarian first and then a medical doctor. I am not 

sure of his name as he has long since been dead and it is unimportant.  

After I had been delivered, my mother questioned the doctor as to why he had 

immediately abandoned me at the foot of the bed and began to take are of her? His off-

handed answer was because you need my attention and besides, the baby won’t live more 

than an hour or so anyway. This is how I came into the world. I am in no way feeling 

sorry for myself, I am just explaining the way it was and that was just the beginning of 

what was to be, my tortured life.

My childhood was devastating. I was mistreated by my teachers, coaches and 

Classmates; therefore I was forced to become a loner. I made excuses to get out of class 

a little early as often as I could so I could get to my locker and get a head start to keep 

from being chased home and beaten up. I was the victim of bullying.

In the 1930’s it was perfectly safe for children to be out after dark. In the small 

town where I lived, (Berkley Michigan) they held free movies once a week. A picture 

screen and camera would be set-up on a large vacant lot and as soon as it got dark, it was 

movie time. Whole families would come and bring their blankets and picnic suppers.  

Also, many children would show up without their families. One night I made the mistake 

of not leaving a bit early and I got caught in front of the “Bob Inn” (a place where school 

children hung out) and I was beaten up by three boys.

When I was about nine years old, I became a Christian; I was born again, then 

things actually got worse and that is not what I expected to happen. 

Another problem that began to develop as I got older, apparently my Dad was 

totally devoted to my younger brother and he made no apologies for it. I just existed and 

that is the way it was. Period.  

Oh, I was fed and clothed, but other than that I was ignored. But I was not the 

only one that suffered from a lack of caring. My brother and I were married to sisters.  

My dad had a favorite daughter-in- law as well as a favorite among the grandchildren. It 

created a real problem and a lot of hurt feelings.  

Right next door to where we lived was a wooded area. I would go there almost 

every day, In the middle of these woods was a grassy area. I would lie in the tall grass 

and cry out to God. I wanted to know what was wrong with me. Why didn’t anyone like 

me? I would cry until I could cry no more. It seemed like I was always left empty, but I

kept on trying.

There is no way I could have known at the time, that it would be many years 

before I got the answer to the question, why.

  I had quit school at the end of the 8th grade because I had a learning problem.  

No matter how hard I tried, I could not overcome it. I finally gave up. In the meantime, I 

reached the grown-up age of sixteen. I realized I was in the way at home and it was time 

for me to get out, but I had no place to go. 

I decided to spend a few days with one of my aunts in Flint, Michigan. I don’t 

remember how I get there, but I guess it is not important. After about the third day I 

began to get cabin fever.

I decided to walk downtown; it took just a few minutes and I was in the middle of 

the business district. I leaned up against a bank building, long enough to catch my 

breath. There was a stairway next to me with an outside entrance that led to another 

floor. I happened to look-up and over the stairway door was a sign that read “Draft 

Board.” My mind began to race. Could this possibly be the answer to my immediate 

future? I was not old enough to enlist in the service and they were catching boy’s right 

and left trying to do so. I had never before considered the possibility of being drafted.  

My question became, “had others also overlooked what appeared to be a fail-safe 

opportunity?” Apparently so.

I climbed the stairs and was faced with yet another door. That door opened into a 

waiting room. Once inside I saw that one of several windows was open. I approached it 

and I said to the lady in my best frightened look, “Is this where I belong today?” She 

smiled at me and asked, “Is today your birthday, Son?” I replied, “Yes Mam”. Again 

she asked, “Are you 18 today?” Again, I replied, “Yes Mam”. “Yes, you are in the right 


It turned out I was in the right place and I was not even asked to prove my age.  

By accepting immediate induction, I found myself at the Great Lakes Naval Training 

Station in Chicago (Boot Camp) within one week. At last, I was on my own and I admit 

to feeling a bit heady at the results of my gamble.

I simply do not remember where we were sent when we left Boot Camp. But I do 

know that it was on the East Coast. It was a temporary assignment while waiting for the 

Navy to decide what our permanent assignments would be.

In my third week thee, something interesting happened that would decide how I 

would spend the next 13 months before the war ended.

A big burley Boatswain mate approached me and demanded to know if I had any 

money. I answered “yes”. He insisted that I loan him $10.00. I was afraid not to. Well, 

what I didn’t know was that this was only the beginning. In the next month he was in to 

me for the grand sum of $40.00 and that was a lot of money then. Almost a month’s pay.

What I did not know at the time was a Chief Petty Officer in the “Electric Shack” 

where I had been temporarily assigned suspected that this Boatswain Mate was 

fleecing the new recruits out of their money to support a gambling addiction that he 

was known to have. The Chief approached me and signaled that I was to follow him.  

When we were outside he insisted on knowing if I had loaned the Boatswain Mate any 

money and he made it clear that if I had, I was to tell him the truth, no ifs, ands, or buts. 

I spilled the beans and told him everything. He listened intently and when I was 

through he began quietly to tell me what he wanted me to do. He told me to go to this 

large airplane hangar and up a flight of stairs to where this Boatswain Mate had his 

office. I was to tell him that I wanted my money back now. And, of course he did not 

take what I had to say well. He cursed me with some choice language and ordered me 

out of his office. I was to wait on the concrete landing until he called me.

He made me stand out there for a little over an hour. Then he called me in. He 

was sitting at his desk staring out a window. He kept me standing. After what seemed to 

be a long time he finally spoke to me. He said, “You’re not going to get your money 

back and if you did you would have to stand in a long line.” 

“I am going to make you an offer,” he said. “How would you like to be in the 

Navy Air Corp?” he asked. I answered hesitantly, “Me and Donald Duck would both like 


He ignored my insolence, and continued. “In a squadron known as VPB 21,” a 

PBM crashed and the crew were all killed. I am authorized to replace one man. “Are 

you interested?” I said “yes”. “Is it worth $40.00”? He asked. Again, I said “yes”.

He told me to go over to the office and identify myself and your orders will be cut 

immediately. Then go to your quarters and pack and report back here at 6p.m. and you 

will be driven to Cherry Point and I understand, he continued, as soon as the replacement 

crew is in place the squadron is shipping out. It was difficult to believe what had 

happened that day.  

I was in the Navy Air Corp and it had only cost me $40.00. Money I considered 

well spent.

VPB 21 was a patrol squadron. Our flights lasted on average from 9 to 12 hours.  

We cruised at just over a hundred knots an hour so on a long flight we covered 

several hundreds of miles. We were looking for whatever. Fighter pilots adrift at sea.  

We would pick them up. Enemy submarines and ships. We would not engage 

them but would radio for back-up.

The PBM was quite comfortable. It had sleeping quarters aboard, a head (toilet) 

and a kitchenette. We cooked our meals aboard.

Though I had no prior training I was assigned to tail gun. In reality, they used me 

wherever they needed me. I was crew eleven’s flunky.

On my first training flight out of Honolulu, I was very excited. The plane captain 

saw to it that I was ushered to my post in the tail and given some rudimentary 


He taught me how to move turret up and down and sideways and how to release 

myself rom from the turret so I could crawl back down the tail tunnel to the deck.

We were near the end of our flight. We had been told that there would be other training 

flights in the area, but I had forgotten about that important bit of information.

Suddenly, what turned out to be 3 F6F’s burst out of the sky above us. I was 

frightened. I thought sure were under attack. I grabbed the mike and pushed the 

button and yelled, Pilot sir, there are 3 planes coming after us.

Coming in from what direction, high or low? At this point the deck turret saw 

what was happening and got involved and bailed me out.

He snapped back to the pilot, 3F6F”s coming in at 6 o’clock high. By that time 

the planes were upon us and the exercise was over. I was relieved. Though it was not 

my fault, I got a polite chewing out when we landed.

Once when they were pulling an engine inspection I was sent to the mechanics 

shack for a 5 gallon can of compression. And once again I was bailed out by a Chief 

Petty Officer. He told me to go back to my tent and take the rest of the day off. He told 

me if anyone question what I did, I should refer them to him. That took care of that. 

There is another interesting thing that happened to me in 1945. We were 

anchored in a bay off PALAU. We kept getting warnings that a typhoon was headed our 

way. All crews were divided creating two separate watch groups. As the storm was 

coming in the other group got the first watch. This means they left the sea plane tender 

about 4 pm in the afternoon and were taken by boat to the plane. They would be on 

watch until 4 pm the following afternoon.

They experienced an eventful night, but it was not until the next day that the 

storm began to show it’s real strength. It became necessary for the 2nd watch to leave in 

the early afternoon for fear that it would be impossible to exchange watches at 4 pm. The 

weather had gotten that bad in the last few hours.

We got a little wet, but we made it to the plane o.k. and the watch we had just 

replaced made it back to the tender without incident. But by 6 pm we were getting 

bounced around badly so it was time to try something different. There was one officer 

with us so he would take the first shift and from then on we would take turns. The plan 

was to turn the aircraft into the wind then reeve the engines up until the plane stood 

still. This worked, but we soon discovered that one hour was too much so we cut it to 30 

minute watches.  

We were given the order to go over the side twice that night, but each time the 

order was rescinded, and just in the nick of time. But there prevailed the agonizing 

reeling towards the early morning hours when it was beginning to look as if that PBM 

might become our grave before the next day.

About two weeks later I received a letter from my mother who knew nothing 

about my recent experience. Enclosed was a poem she had written for me. It read

Standing at my sink tonight—
A dish towel in my hand.
Thinking of that boy of mine—
In some far-distant land.
Dishes quite forgotten—
My thoughts are over there.
And for you Frank, and you’re crew
I breathe this little prayer.
Oh God, who through the ages
Has’t loved and kept thine own!
Tonight Oer’shadow with thy love—
My son, but not for him alone—
I ask thy care, thy guiding hand—
But for his comrads too.
And tho the night be danger fraught
I know you’ll see them through.

He did! The only casualties we suffered that night was one of the men dropped a large 

water bucket, half full, on his bare foot and that created a problem for a few minutes.  

You know lots of blood and nothing in sight for a suitable bandage, but we managed. 

Another tragedy I experienced. In the early morning on Easter Sunday, 1945, we 

were flying at 500 feet altitude over the beaches at the Okinawa watching the invasion 

take place. It was a sight I will never forget. Hundreds of marines in the first wave 

directing landing craft, tanks, and all the paraphernalia it takes to fight a war.

But there was something very wrong. The landing had been going on for over an 

hour and there had not been a single shot fired. The radios were open so we could hear 

everything that was happening.  

About that time the radio produced some loud static and then a measured voice 

came on the air. He merely stated, “Pilot to carrier, my engine is all F_ _ _ _ _ up and it 

looks like I am going down.”

The carrier shot back, “Will the pilot who used that foul language on air state his 

name, rank and serial number?”

The Pilot answered immediately, “I am not that F_ _ _ _ _ up.” A few seconds 

later we heard what appeared to be a loud crash and we heard no more from the pilot.  

But the carrier, kept trying to contact him for several minutes. I was rooting for the pilot.

I spent the next few months with the squadron. After the war ended I was 

assigned to the first crew to return home from Okinawa. Once back home and my leave 

behind me, I voluntarily gave up my wings because of a medical problem that was 

exacerbated by flying. Because I did not have enough points to get discharged, I was 

then shipped to the Marshall Islands for the balance of my tour. I was discharged in April 

1946. I must admit, I was relieved to be released from the Navy because it was a trying 

time for me. I wasn’t treated much different than I had been treated in the Junior High 

School. I was still being bullied and I had no clue as to why. (It was to be many years 

before I got the answer “Why”.)

There is one other thing that happened to me during my time in the military that 

was to have a negative effect on my life for the next several years , which was my 

addiction to alcohol. It was so subtle I did not realize it was happening.

Crew 11 consisted of 10 enlisted me. We were like a family. We did everything 

together . When a flight ended half the crew stayed on the plane and the other half 

headed for the Enlisted Men’s Club which was nothing more than a bar. It was where I 

developed my tastes for beer.

We never stayed very long because the mess hall was to be our next stop. The 

older men would drink as much as 2 or 3 cans. I never drank more than one, but that is 

all it took. By 1975 my one can habit had grown to two 6 packs and a fifth of scotch 

whisky a day. My habit was out of control.

That was the year we went to Florida for Christmas. The first thing I looked for 

after we got settled was a liquor store. I lined the back of the dresser in our motel room 

with bottles.

We were invited to the New Year’s Staff party. As usual, I drank too much and 

made a fool of myself. Afterwards when I got back to our room my wife had had enough 

of my excessive drinking and she told me so. Of course, I quickly became defensive and 

that led to my saying some things that I later wished had not been said.

The following morning we abruptly packed and headed for home. We did not 

speak to each other for the next few hours. During that period of silence, I begin to come 

under conviction like I had never experienced before. There could be no doubt about it, 

the Lord made it perfectly clear in no uncertain terms, if I did not get my act together and 

keep my earlier commitment to Him that my life would soon end. 

This I knew I could not live with, but I also knew it would be no easy task to quit.  

It was Mark Twain who once said “to quit smoking was easy. I know because I’ve done 

it dozen of time’s in the past.” But this time it would be different. I had no choice, I had 

to make it work.

The next morning I was still struggling with the task that lay before me. I quickly 

got dressed, ate a few bites and decided to head out to the golf course. I practiced putting 

for a few minutes but I could not concentrate on what I was doing so I packed up and 

headed for my office. I locked myself in and after a few minutes I decided I was not 

going anywhere until I had settled this thing with God. I was willing to pay the price and 

I knew instinctively that Satan would demand his pound of flesh.

After much prayer I felt I finally had the victory. I quit alcohol, tobacco, and 

using language that was unbecoming a Christian, cold turkey. It was a tall order but I felt 

that God deserved no less, and I felt compelled to do it.  

I arrived home after dark. I didn’t say anything about how I spent the day and 

Deloris did not ask.

I was now in my third week and though it had been a struggle I was more 

determined than ever to beat this thing that had held me captive for so long. 

It was a week day morning and I was ready to go to the office. I had kissed 

Deloris and was about to open the front door when I heard a loud sob. I turned around 

only to find her crying uncontrollably.

“What’s wrong”, I asked. “There is nothing wrong with me”, she answered.  

“What’s wrong with you” she asked? You have been very quiet the last couple of weeks.  

You have not been smoking or drinking or being your usual self and you have said 

nothing about it to me. “What’s going on” she asked as she dried her eyes and stopped 


I put my arm around her and explained that I was attempting to get my act 

together and since I was not sure I could pull it off and I did not want to bother her with 


We just looked at each other for what seemed like a long time and without saying 

a word we had a mutual understanding.

This was a whole new beginning for me. I no longer had any desire for alcohol or 

tobacco. It was over. Now, I could get serious with the Lord and keep the commitment 

that he referred to earlier in this Chapter that I had made to Him, but that He did not 


In the middle sixties I read a religious tract that contained a statement that caused 

me to react. It read “the Christian world has never seen what the Lord could do with a 

man who would completely commit himself to Him.” I remember closing my eyes and 

whispering, “Lord, I would that I be that man”. I never thought of my words as being a 

firm commitment, but I am sure grateful that the Lord did. In Jesus name, so be it. 

Chapter 2

During the early part of 1979 I read several books on Deliverance. The most 

memorable being Don Basham’s, “Deliver us from evil”. These books were not about 

how to do it, but rather the need to restore the deliverance ministry in the church without 

any further delay.

It all began in 1979. My wife, Deloris, told me that God had revealed to her that 

He was calling me into the deliverance ministry. After reading Don Basham’s book, 

“Deliver Us from Evil“ I wanted no part of anything as controversial as the 

deliverance ministry.

I did not want to suffer the indignities that men like Don Basham 

and Derrick Prince had to put up with. I told the Lord that I would do anything that he 

asked me to do, except deliverance.

At first I felt relieved, but as the days passed I was made to understand that while 

He understood my position, however, if I was not interested in deliverance He had 

nothing else for me. 

Normally, I do not react well to ultimatums, but I did this one. I suddenly found 

myself in a ministry I was not sure that I was well-suited for. But in time I changed my 

mind. Now, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

The question becomes, “Why do we need deliverance?’ 

Why do we need deliverance? Deliverance from what? Did not Christ’s work on the cross take care of all of our needs? NO, IT DID NOT! It took care of all of the needs of your inner-man, but none of the needs of your outer-man. 

It evolved like this. The Bible plainly states that God created heaven and earth in six days and rested on the seventh. According to the Book of Enoch II, Chapter 29, verses 3 & 4--an unpublished book in the Bible) Lucifer, who later became Satan, fell from grace on the second day. Which means he was already on earth when man was created. This leads us to the obvious conclusion that God intended to use Satan to separate the lost from those who would spend eternity with Him. Once this was decided, God could not interfere with Satan’s work, but man can.  

Now, during the first dispensation, God did take care of all of their needs because they could not do it for themselves. But, with the coming of Christ, and the Holy Spirit, he gave us the authority and the responsibility to do it for ourselves. (Luke 10:19) Therefore, man must overcome Satan on earth as Christ overcame him.

Being born again satisfies the Lord, but it does not take care of the strongholds that Satan established against us before we were born again.  

In 1975 I received a prophecy from the Lord instructing me to do something for Him. My ministry was new at the time and I did not understand how to accomplish what He was asking of me.

Recently, after 27 years, He revisited the request and I knew exactly what he wanted and how to do it. The prophecy read, “Look and See! The enemy stands ready to devour. Move against him and destroy his strongholds. Route him out, uncover the hidden things, overturn, and overthrow! Hold not back! Utterly destroy the enemy. Be willing to pay the price for what you are about to do.  

Paul says, the outer-man perishes while the inner man prospers. (II Corinthians 4)  

The scripture says” My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Notice He does not say some of my people. He deliberately says “my people”. That means all of us. The question then becomes, “What knowledge” is it that the Lord is referring to that would keep us from perishing or living defeated Christian lives if we had it.

In a nutshell, when man fell into sin his outer-man was contaminated with corruption and it remains corrupted after the born again experience. (Genesis 11 & 12) It was so obvious that it puzzles me how the church leadership over-looked it and played right into the hands of Lucifer. 

Most Christians believe that once they are saved that everything will be o.k. and that their lives will run smoothly. The truth is that the battle between the inner and outer-man is just beginning.  

Recent Internet polls have revealed that 60% of Americans believe Satan is just a symbol of evil and not a living being. Even 52% of Christians who identify themselves as “born-again” deny the reality of Satan.

Lucifer, Satan and the Serpent are spirits who were created by God before the creation of the heavens and earth. The are fallen angels. They rebelled against God. They are in no way equal to God. They are not omnipresent and they are not omniscient. There are many references to Satan in the scriptures. You deny the existence of Lucifer, Satan and the Serpent at your own peril.

Spiritual warfare and prayer go together like bacon and eggs and there are few Christians who are aware of this. One without the other will get you nowhere. You can’t enjoy a successful Christian walk without the integrated use of both prayer and warfare. You pray to the Lord; you do battle with the enemy. If you do not do battle with the enemy you are a sitting duck for him. He will attack you, your spouse, and your children. He will cause you trouble in the workplace, etc. You will be under constant attack and you probably will not even be aware of where it is coming from. Many Christians simply assume that it is just a part of life and some even blame it on bad luck.

The principal reasons Jesus died for us was to set us free from the “Law of Sin and Death” and to gain the legal right to forgive us of the sin that man had been tricked into in the garden. He accomplished both of these goals, but his death did not set us free from the results of sin or the wages of sin which is premature death. (Romans 6:23 & II Peter 2:15). 

IT IS not only about what God has done for us, it also has to do with what Lucifer has done to us.

Again, I repeat: Jesus’ work on the cross did not set you free from the results of sin and you are still being held accountable for all sin that was ever credited to your account by the evil ones. 

I will always be grateful to Don Basham for having written the book, “Deliver us from Evil”. It is the story of a man who in 1972 dared to explore the censored forth of Christ’s ministry. Censored by whom? The Church. 

Yes, your sin is under the Blood of the Lamb and Yes, you have been born again, but at the same time Lucifer has a legal right to hold you accountable for it. He can’t stop you from receiving your eternal reward, but if you pose any threat to him he can make your life on earth a living hell unless you know how to prevent him from doing so. (How many people do you know that are living defeated Christian lives?) Remember, you were born in sin and Lucifer had you unto himself at first and he took advantage of it. How? He did something to you that you are not even aware of having occurred. He programmed into your mind at birth, what Christ explained to me, is known as the “Luciferian Empire”. This was intended to interfere with the Christian walk for those who have one. It creates all kinds of problems for you from birth to death unless it is removed through deliverance.  

It must be working well because of all the millions of souls that have been born since the beginning. The Bible says that only a remnant of them will enjoy “everlasting life.  

Paul told the church at Corinth, “Let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting ourselves unto holiness in the fear of God”. That is why you are here--to begin the cleansing process. Yes, deliverance is a process and it has already begun in each of you by virtue of the fact that you made an effort to be here tonight.

NOW to understand why man must be delivered from sin and the results of sin you must understand the concept of the inner and outer man.

Man is constructed of two separate men: The inner and the outer-man. Paul wrote in II Corinthians “But though our outward man is consumed, yet our inward manis renewed day by day”. The sin that Lucifer is holding you accountable for is in the outer-man, only.

Now, when the Holy Spirit comes into the human spirit and the two spirits become as ONE--a spiritual phenomenon takes place and the human spirit is regenerated--when this occurs, two things take place: 

First, your sin is washed away by the blood of the lamb.

Second, where you will spend eternity is established right then and there. But that is all that happens
. . . 

SALVATION, REGENERATION, being born again, or whatever you wish to call it is a matter dealing only with the human spirit or inner-man.

AGAIN, Whatever condition the outer-man was in prior to the "born again" experience, he remains in after the born again experience. Cancer, before, cancer after, etc.

Now, if none of the above is true, if it is an over-simplification of what is wrong with the church today, then what is wrong? Paul said that Christ is coming back for a church that is without spot or wrinkle. Does this describe today’s church with pastors all over the landscape falling into sexual sin? How about the believers in the church today that practice homosexuality in their marriages disguised as “oral sex”? And have you noticed lately that the divorce rate is as high in the church as it is among the unsaved? It seems to me that the church is covered with spots and wrinkles, therefore it stands to reason that they must be removed before Christ can come for his bride. 

Here are some internet statistics: A 1996 Promise Keepers survey at one of their stadium events revealed that over 50% of the men in attendance were involved with pornography. 57% of pastors say that addiction to pornography is the most sexually damaging issue to their congregation (Christians and Sex Leadership Journal Survey, March 2005.)

In 2004, there were just over one million abortions in the U.S. Eighteen percent of these we received by those who identified themselves as born-again Christians. 

Why is this taking place? Because the Pastors of today have rejected the deliverance ministry that Christ introduced to the church some 2000 years ago that was intended to deal with such matters and I believe they will be held accountable for the unintended consequences.

And that leads to yet another serious problem. Churches all over this continent are assigned high priests (evil spirits) to rule over them. They in turn select witches and warlocks from local covens to infiltrate local churches and of course, these servants of Satan mingle with the congregation and fit right in. They are hardly ever recognized and they cause nothing but trouble. They cause the church that they are assigned to become spiritually sterile and insignificant. Again, I want to point out the seriousness of this problem and because the church has ignored the deliverance ministry, the problem goes unchecked. 

The weapon is witchcraft (Satan’s Religion) that is being used intentionally by evil groups to utterly destroy the protestant religion.

Five of these groups are . . . .

1)The Illuminati
2)Jesuits & Knights of Malta
4)Zionist Jews
5)Agenda 21

  To clean up the outer-man of all evil spirits, contamination, strongholds, and bondage’s you must go through the process known as DELIVERANCE which will actually culminate in the 2ND coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes, it is deliverance that will be used to remove the spots and wrinkles from the Body of Christ.

I did my first deliverance in 1979, it was a memorable experience. First of all, I did not know what I was doing as I had no previous instruction or training.

The lady I was working with was in her mid-thirties. While on an all-day shopping trip with a friend in downtown Detroit they decided to break up the day by visiting a fortune teller. Her life had not been the same since.

Something evil took place at the very outset of my ministry. It would be years before I discovered it and only then would I understand what a threat my ministry would be to Satan if it were allowed to continue. More on this later.

The next day I came under attack. That was the beginning and there was to be no end. I felt sure at the time that Satan thought that I would fold when I realized that I would have to live with the attacks if I continued.

The attacks were vicious. The enemy put me in the hospital three times that first year. But once I had made a commitment to the Lord, and He had warned at the onset to be willing to pay the price. I was going to stay with the battle at any cost.
One last thing, in 1987, I lost Deloris to a tumor in the brain. We had been spending the week-end with friends who owned a resort near Travers City, Michigan. It was May of that year when she first broke down. Some five months later she passed on the 18th of October.

About an hour after the undertaker had left, I was cleaning up the kitchen, when the Lord spoke to me and said, “I brought her home because she could not go where I am going to lead you. He did not say where that was and I did not ask Him.

Several days later, one of our close friends told me that Deloris had confided in her that she had been all of the help to me that she could be and that she was expecting a remedy soon.

On the first of April 1991, I married a lady from Pensacola, Florida, named “Sharon”. Sharon fits into the ministry perfectly. She is especially good on the computer and is an efficient researcher.

I found this pledge in a July 1992 issue of Charisma magazine. I signed it on my birthday in 1979.

I, Frank M. Brim, am part of the “Fellowship of the Unashamed.” The die has been cast. The decision has been made. I have stepped over the line. I won’t look back, let up, slow down, back away or be still.  

My past is redeemed, my present makes sense, and my future is secure. I’m finished and done with low living sight walking, small planning, smooth knees, colorless dreams, tamed visions, mundane talking, cheap giving and dwarfed goals.

I no longer need preeminence, prosperity, position, promotions, plaudits or popularity. I don’t have to be right, first, tops, recognized, praised, regarded or rewarded. I NOW LIVE BY FAITH, lean on His presence, love with patience, live by prayer and labor with power.

My face is set, my gait is fast, my goal is heaven, my road is narrow, my way is rough, my companions are few, my GUIDE is reliable, and my mission is clear. I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, deluded or delayed. I will not flinch in the fact of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of adversity, negotiate at the presence of adversity, or meander in the maze of mediocrity.

I won’t give up, shut up, let up or slow up until I have stayed up, stored up, prayer up, paid up and spoken up for the cause of CHRIST. I am a disciple of Jesus, I must go till He comes, give till I drop, preach till all know and work till He stops me. 

And when JESUS comes for His own, He will have no problem recognizing me. My banner is clear, I am a part of the “Fellowship of the Unashamed.”

_/s/ Frank M. BrimDated: May 11, 1979

My wife, Sharon, later took this pledge and joined me.

Frank wrote this part of his autobiography. I will try to finish. After his wife, Deloris died at the age of 57 in 1987, Frank said Deloris fought for her breath all night. At 6:2q5 a.m. on Sunday, October 18, 1987, she stopped struggling. It was over. She was in Glory! He said, I felt terribly alone. . . he did not question the Lord and told the Lord that he would never ask him why, but he said, just after the undertaker took the body, and Frank was clearing the table and taking some dishes over to the sink, the Lord spoke clearly to him and said “Where I am going to lead you, Deloris could not have followed”.

He thought that his ministry was about to take off and that he would get very busy, but that did not happen. It started when he moved to Florida in 1991 and married me. The moment he arrived all Hell broke loose to excuse the expression, but the attacks started and never ended until he died. The Lord lead him into heavy warfare and Deloris was not equipped to for it. 

As you read,” Things I have Learned”, section you will find out what was causing the attacks all the years and why the need for spiritual warfare.

So from 1991 until 2015, we spent many hours in warfare. I would break the attacks, as you see we feel that the woman in Genesis 3 strikes Lucifer’s head, which is his empire, and Lucifer strikes the man’s heel, which is his walk in God—so I was the look-out and protected the strikes on Frank. Women are not taught this in church, and the men take the brunt of the attacks. Praying will not break the attacks. God cannot stop Lucifer on ground that he has a legal right to attack, we have to do that.  

We learned so much. Lucifer would give himself away by attacking, then I would work to find out how they were attacking to gain the truth that we needed and once we got it and identified how they were attacking, we could break the attacks, by giving the warfare command. I know that Frank will rule with Christ because it says in II Timothy 2:12 if we suffer we shall also reign with him.

How did I gain the truth that we needed? I would do warfare. You have many warfare weapons which I will not get into at this time, but perhaps I can lay some of that work out at a later time. I would pray in the spirit and finally get the word of knowledge that I needed that would end the attack. I would give the warfare command once we knew where the attack was coming from and Frank would break it. Now that Frank is gone, I still do warfare and I give the command as well as break the attack, or do the work that God lays on my heart. I have always been an intercessor, and then the Lord taught me warfare through Frank.

We were both called to this kind of ministry. I would not suggest that you get into this kind of spiritual work unless you were equipped by the Spirit of God to do so. The attacks are vicious and you have to have the stamina and tenacity to stick with it until you break the attack. If it took four hours to break it, I worked four hours. I did not stop until the attack was broken. 

This all took a toll on Frank, and he was beginning to fail, but we continued to work. Last summer he had trouble swimming in the pool, as he did not have the strength to do so. Then at Christmas time I bought us both a bike to get some exercise and he was unable to ride. So there were some tale, tale signs, but I never worried about Frank dying. I knew God’s hand was on him and I just trusted God. Of course Frank and the Lord both shielded me from seeing that he was dying.

Frank called me into his office, which was our living room. It was an exceptional office as Frank had an artistic flair, plus he had some talent as a graphic artist, so he had done a lot of the paintings in his office. He said to me, “Sharon I want to buy you and “I Love you” pocket book for Valentine’s day” from the Danbury Mint. We didn’t buy gifts for special occasions, and hardly celebrated our anniversary or birthdays, just acknowledged them. He said to me, “I could not have made it without you.” Anyway, I said to him, that he didn’t need to do that, besides I had never had an expensive purse. He said well you are going to have this one. Inside the purse was embroidered the words, “I loved you then, I love you still, I always have, I always will”.

This was two weeks prior to his death, and later had more significance to me because we never really courted, we just knew we were to marry, and entered into marriage and were together 24 years. I had met Frank at a spiritual warfare seminar here in Pensacola some years prior to our marriage, but we had never really courted, so our relationship did not start out on a romantic note. We knew that the Lord had brought us together and we agreed with his will. At first the marriage was difficult because I had always run things like most women, and Frank would have no part of that. I had agreed to submit prior to our marrying, and it was difficult, however, I feel that by the time of the end I had practically accomplished it. I never knew how much I loved him until he was actually gone—how could one?  

Then the week prior to his death, he said “Sharon, I want to buy both of us a burial policy by Friday.” I am going to call the funeral home and set it up. He had learned that as a Veteran he could be buried at Barrancas National Cemetery in Pensacola and he said he wanted to have everything taken care of prior to both of our deaths. The guy at the funeral home said he could come either Wednesday or Friday. I told him to have him come on Wednesday, because Frank wanted to have this done by Friday. The man came and Frank purchased both of our burial policies that Wednesday. He died the following Monday morning at 11:30 am. That was how Frank took care of things. He would get up one day and say, “I am going to buy a car today”, or I am going to do such and such today. He talked things over with the Lord, and always seemed to know just what to do and how to do it. He was like a military general. Of course, he was God’s general. Always available anytime the Lord needed him for an assignment. He stood in the gap for Israel, and the Lord had him do many things for him. Only God knows for the nearly 40 years he was in the ministry. 

He was never really sick. Oh! He suffered from the attacks, which drug him down. That was the only day in 24 years that he was not out of bed by 7am. I kept everything, including him on the alter, so I told God that he was his and if he was taking him, that I would release him. It was hard. That is one man that walked with God and I miss his Godly counsel and wisdom. He told me when he married me that he would love me like I had never been loved before. I did not understand what he meant. He meant with a Godly love, and that he did. If you have not experienced this kind of love, you must! I would recommend it. He took care of everything and took such good care of me, and loved me as Christ commanded. He was patient, and kind, long suffering with me as I was 16 years younger and had not gone through some of the things he had, so he had to wait for me. I would push him up in the spirit, then he would pull me up with him. That is how we grew together. We were inseparable. We worked at being, one flesh, one mind, (the mind of God, which the woman can only come into through the husband), and one spirit.  

I felt that we had reached a place of such contentment with each other, when it was time for him to go. We had worked off the rough edges and things appeared to be smoother. He had especially helped me with my attitude. A woman can get out-of-sorts easily because of her emotions, so he kept me grounded. He knew when something was wrong or when I was upset about anything. He would always take time to talk with me and walk me though whatever it was. He took time when we went to bed for “pillow talk” he called it. That was the time to talk about whatever was on my mind. I miss him, but I know that he served his time, that he ran the race, that he fought the fight and that he will receive his reward—just as we all will accordingly. Frank always said, “I don’t want to get away with anything”. I don’t want to take anything with me. I want to have a clean slate when I leave this world. I believe he did. Wake up one morning and go be with Jesus. Isn’t that wonderful. He and the Lord had such a wonderful relationship. Sometimes I resented it. When he could not do anything with me, he would say to the Lord, “She is your daughter, I can’t do anything with her. I give her to you.” The Lord would always straighten me out—because I loved the Lord, and he could deal with me.

I had such a temper and an anger problem all my life. I later learned that most people that have been sexually mistreated suffer this kind of problem. Frank was so patient and worked with me to help me overcome it. I do believe that I have.  

We both studied Andrew Murray’s book on Humility. That help me so much. You must ready the article on the website.

I believe Frank became an overcomer at his death and left this legacy for the outer-man to me and all that came through this ministry. That was one deal he made with the Lord. He told the Lord when he started this work that he felt he was doing more damage than good, but that all that he accomplished that he wanted each one that he helped to get the full benefit, those at the end as well as those at the beginning and Frank felt the Lord agreed that would happen.

I have been putting those that I work with and those that came through this ministry under the matrix of overcoming and destroying the matrix of this world system which they are under. I do believe that many will move into a new dimension with the Lord.

Be blessed, and I hope that you have enjoyed learning about Frank Brim. To me he was one of the greatest men that I have ever read about or heard of, of course I am probably prejudice, but I lived with him for 24 years and witnessed his commitment to the Lord and his commitment to me.

​                          *     *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *   *    *    *    *

UPDATE:  One year after Rev. Brim's passing, the Lord called Ms. Frank Brim, Sharon, to finish Rev. Brim's work.

After moving to North Carolina, Sharon has opened Jacob's Ladder Thrift shop in Weaverville, N.C. at
1318C Jupiter Road to finish Rev. Brim's work.  She ministers from the shop and teaches a ladies Bible Study.​

Ms. Brim, Sharon, goes into the Court in Heaven, through prayer, and asks the Lord to issue a Verdict
and Decree on a Scroll for each deliverance.  Like Zechariah saw the scroll flying around. The Lord
sends his Verdicts an Decree into the earth on a scroll.  For her help, contact via e-mail, or call.

Ms. Brim has been an intercessor since 1978, has over 50,000 hours in spiritual warfare.  Seems to specialize in pulling down the strongholds of Witchcraft over individuals and families.  The Lord has recently given her the mantel of AVENGER. Using her in areas where EQUITY is lacking for individuals.  She is full of the Holy Spirit and operates in the gifts of the Spirit. 

Ms. Brim is past President of Women's Aglow Fellowship, teaches women how to run with the horsemen, and teaches women how to stay under their husband's covering and his authority.  Also discusses birthing your husband's ministry or calling.  She is available for speaking engagements, where she 
speaks and ministers, and can be contacted at:

Rev. Frank M. Brim
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         Subject:  Frank Brim's Autobiography
Restoration heals the broken-hearted and sets the Captives FREE!!!

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