Restoration heals the broken-hearted 
makes the captives free!!
To contact us, either e-mail at the address below, or feel free
 to call and discuss Rev. Brim's work.  
Restoration heals the broken-hearted and makes the Captives FREE!!!
Founded in 1979 by Rev. Frank M. Brim. World Wide Ministry of Restoration, Inc. 
World Wide Ministry of Restoration, Inc. is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, faith dependent ministry.
Rev. Brim was gifted in setting 
free so that 
they could 
become overcomers. 

He dealt with the outer-man.

     *   *   * 
He also taught    
Spiritual Warfare! 



World Wide Ministry of Restoration, Inc.
8101 Ridgefield Road
Pensacola, Florida 32514
Phone:  (850) 479-5993
Reverend Frank M. Brim
          1927 - 2015
Rev. Brim passed March 2, 2015.

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To remove yourself from the Matrix of the World System and be placed under the Matrix of Overcoming and the Matrix of Defeating Lucifer, simply contact us and we will be happy to convey to you according to Acts 4:6, such as I have, give I unto thee.
For a free copy of Rev. Frank Brim's book, Satan's Secrets Revealed, published in 1982, simply contact us.