Restoration heals the broken-hearted
makes the captives free!!
Restoration heals the broken-hearted and makes the Captives FREE!!!
206 Bend View Drive
Marshall, N. C.  28753
Phone: (850) 313-1400
The World Wide Ministry of Restoration, Inc. is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, faith dependent ministry.
Rev. Brim's ministry was focused 
on setting 
free so
that they could
become overcomers. 

    *  *  * 
Rev. Brim dealt with 
the outer-

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He also
 taught    Spiritual            Warfare! 


Rev. Brim passed
   March 2, 2015.
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Rev. Frank M. Brim
1927 - 2015

To remove yourself from the Matrix of the World System and be placed under the Matrix of Overcoming and the Matrix of Defeating Lucifer, simply contact us and we will be happy to convey to you according to Acts 4:6, such as I have, give I unto thee via a Verdict & Decree by the Lord on a Scroll.
For a free copy of Rev. Frank Brim's book, Satan's Secrets Revealed, published in 1982simply contact us, while they last.
One year after Rev. Brim's passing, the Lord called Ms. Frank Brim, Sharon, to finish Rev. Brim's work.  Ms. Brim goes into the Court in Heaven and asks the Lord for a Verdict and Decree on a Scroll for your deliverance.  Just like Zechariah saw the Scroll flying around.  The Lord issues his Verdicts and Decrees on a Scroll.
Ms. Brim has opened Jacob's Ladder Thrift Shop in Weaverville, N. C., 1318C Jupiter Road to minister Rev. Brim's work.  She has a ladies Bible Study and has been an intercessor since 1978, has over 50,000 hours in spiritual warfare.  The Lord recently gave her a mantel as an AVENGER, where she brings EQUITY to individuals.  She seems to specialize in pulling down strongholds of Witchcraft for individuals and families.

She is past president of Women's Aglow, and is available to speak and teach women how to stay under their husband's coverings and authority.  She also discusses birthing the husband's ministry or calling.  She can be contacted at:

                World Wide Ministry of Restoration, Inc.
                206 Bend View Drive
                Marshall, N. C.  28753
                (850) 313-1400

For Deliverance, contact her via e-mail or call and she will be glad to assist you. She is able to minister to you everything Rev. Brim and she have gained to date.
Ms. Frank Brim