Restoration heals the broken-hearted 
sets the captives free!!
Restoration heals the broken-hearted and sets the Captives FREE!!!
If the so called right wing of the Republican Party is to be identified as those radicals who believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God (and I do), then conversely the left wing of the Democratic Party can rightly be identified as those who do not believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God or maybe not the word of God at all.  Sometimes I wonder.

Over the years I have identified several men and women in the Republican Party who confess to being born-again Christians.  When the words born-again are used to identify one’s relationship with God you can almost bet the family farm that they are right-wingers.

Yet much to my chagrin I have never been able to identify any democrats in the House of Representatives or the senate who confess to being born-again christians.  Some church goers, YES!  Born-again believers, NO!

I do not understand how anyone can endorse the liberal agenda of the Democratic Party by voting for it, and at the same time profess Christianity.  I got fooled once.  While Jimmy Carter did not, according to my recollection, ever confess to being born-again, he did admit to being a Baptist who taught Sunday school and I suppose at that time in my life I presumed that the one implied the other.  It does not!  I believe that Jimmie Carter is a good man, but I do not believe that he has ever been born-again nor does he have any interest in being so.

Though my name is on the Republican Party roll, I do not consider myself a republican.  I do not work for the party nor do I give to the party.  However, I do vote a straight republican ticket for the following reason: though there are many so-called free-thinkers in the Republican Party who do not fully agree with the republican position as a whole, it is none-the-less true that the republican party does far less violence to the word of God than do the democrats.  This is a given.     

There are two issues that I am deeply concerned about that I have always been able to count on the Republican Party to come through on.  The first being abortion.  The second being the protection of the Nation of Israel.  The Republican Party comes down on the right side of both of these issues. There are other worthy causes but these are the most important to me.

In my possession I have a small boat looking object that looks like a kayak boat.  Well . . .  it is not a kayak, but it is in fact a boat.  It is in-fact an exact copy of Noah’s Ark.  Believe me, I understand your initial reaction because that is exactly how I felt when a Pensacola used car dealer demonstrated it to me.  The first time I saw the ark in action I simply could not believe my eyes.  The second time was no different than the first.  I was sure that it was some kind of a trick. 

I left the dealership somewhat perplexed.  I knew I had either witnessed a slick trick or in fact a miracle.  As the next several days wore on my spirit confirmed that the ark had indeed performed what you and I would refer to as a miracle.

Several more days passed and I could stand it no longer.  I contacted the man I talked to at the dealership and inquired as to how I could go about purchasing a copy of the ark.  He seemed agitated at first and he did not sound very promising, but he finished a hurried sentence by saying that he would do what he could for me.  He took my phone number and hung up.

Two weeks later he called and told me to come and pick-up my ark.  Some sixty minutes later I was sitting at my desk holding the ark in my hands.  It is 11 ¼ inches long and almost 2 inches wide at the widest part.  It is constructed of hard density plastic.  It is an ark whose design includes thousands of smaller arcs.  There is not a straight line on this boat-like object.

O.K.,  the question begging to be answered is what makes this particular boat so special?  The answer is that the object that I held in my hands literally defies Newton’s Law-of-Motion.   

Newton’s Law of Motion states that if you set an inert object in motion it will continue until it is  either diverted by an outside force or until gravity pulls it down.

Now, if you spin the ark right side up on a smooth surface, to the right, it will do exactly what I described in the last paragraph and what you would expect it to do.

But, if you spin it to the left the ark will immediately react violently.  It will begin to pitch and yaw, and roll will be introduced.  But that is not all, when the ark comes to a stop, suddenly, it turns and begins to go the opposite direction on its own and continues to do so for several turns.

So what does all of this mean?  It means that you cannot make the ark go left without inducing violent pitch, yaw, and roll.  And is that not what happens in our everyday lives?  When we insist on going left when we know instinctively that we should be going right.  We induce all kinds of pitch, yaw, and roll in our lives.  Nothing goes right, everything goes wrong.

Bottom line:   I feel much safer in the biblical promises of the religious right than I would be in the rebellious atmosphere of the political left. 

If anyone would like a copy of the ark you may contact the scientist who designed it.  They sell for $28.00 a copy post paid.

Charles W. Sherburne
3409 Patton Avenue
San Pedro, California  90731

Note:  The last time Frank called Sherburne to purchase the ark, he was no longer making them.  His health had gotten bad.
Subject:  RIGHT or LEFT
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By:  Rev. Frank M. Brim