Restoration heals the broken-hearted 
sets the captives free!!
Restoration heals the broken-hearted and sets the Captives FREE!!!
Subject:  Role Reversal
Role reversal is one of the most destructive weapons in operation today against marriages.  The world system, controlled by the forces of evil has tried to redefine marriage roles, thereby destroying the fabric and cohesiveness of the family unit.

What is role reversal?

Role reversal is the state in which a marriage has the roles of headship reversed, either willingly or unwillingly.

According to Genesis 2:18, Ephesians 5:22-33 and Ephesians 6:1, husbands, wives and children have God given assignments 
and responsibilities within the family structure.

If the husband and wife are involved in role reversal, then God cannot bless that marriage because it is in a state of rebellion against the word of God.  

Furthermore, the forces of evil have a legal right to attack family 
members within that family.  For example: sickness, division, wrath, death, etc.. . .can  dominate your family home simply because of role reversal.

If it is your desire to overcome, you must do what ever is necessary to bring your family's life back into submission to the word of God.


GOD IS THE HEAD OF CHRIST. Christ told us that His food was to do the will of His Father, His Head.  He, being the express image of God, acting both as the Angel of the Lord and the Incarnate Christ, was God's vehicle for accomplishing His will of "gathering together all things into one".  (Ephesians 1:10).  Though it could not be construed as untoward for Christ to claim equality with God, (Philippians 2:6-7).  He did not seek the place of preeminence above His Head, but rather sought to obey His Head fully, until He Himself surrenders all to God in the fullness of time.  (1 Corinthians 15:28).

THIS CHRIST, HIMSELF IS HEAD OF THE MAN--this is, to the male.  Christ is the seat of our senses; His eyes, our window to the kingdom, His ears, our conduit to the lips of God, His nose, His tongue by which we taste Him and find Him pleasant, His very forehead bearing the name of Him whose children we are!  It is to Him that we voice our sorrows, fully expecting Him to respond as One  who cares for His own body, (Ephesians 5:29) in much the same way our own heads receive signals of pain from its various members, returning suitable instructions resulting in relief and comfort.

AND FINALLY, the man is the head to the woman.  What God is to Christ, and Christ is to man, the man is to the woman.  Because God is the Head of Christ, is Christ, therefore diminished?  Is he denigrated because of his subservient role to God  ?  Should Christ be indignant at the Headship of God?  Does He not have His own glory?  Will not "every knee bow and every tongue confess" that Christ is Lord?  Should man resent the Headship of Christ or seek to usurp His Christhood, His Person, His Work?  Should therefore the woman do likewise, demanding equality with the man, thus grieving the Holy Spirit.  Should she not rather, in the spirit of Christ's attitude to His Head, "being in the form of man, and thinking it not robbery to be equal with man, make herself of no reputation, taking the form of a servant, and come in the likeness of a woman..."?  Christ glorifies God.  Man glorifies Christ.  The woman was intended to glorify man.  That is her intended role in the scheme of things. 

When woman exalts herself above her husband she is doing the same as satan did when he exulted himself above God.

One of the enemies major weapons to thwart God's plan is Ahab and Jezebel influence.  (See 1 Kings l6:29-33)

Throughout the 1st book of Kings, Jezebel ruled over her husband.  She manipulated and controlled him.  Ahab succumbed to her and became weak minded, eventually leading Israel down the dark road of destruction.  

The spirits of rebellion that resided in Ahab and Jezebel took on the characteristics of those names and typically are identified as Ahab and Jezebel thrones.  (See Ephesians 6:11, 12  & Rev. 2:20)

The Jezebel spirit will attempt to resist all authority of headship.  The result of her influence will create a weak Ahab.  Men who gladly turn the reigns of the family are bringing judgment upon their homes.  Israel was punished severely because of Ahab's submission to Jezebel, bringing Israel into bondage and captivity.

The husband is the spiritual head of the home and of the wife.  If the wife will submit to the authority of that headship, then he can properly exercise his authority over the enemy, and also obtain wisdom from God by which she can be blessed.

The husband must in turn submit to Christ as his head and unto the direction of the Holy Spirit form the family.

"Submission forces authority to draw wisdom from GOD,  whereby the one submitting may be blessed.  The Father does not give authority to demand submission, he gives submission to make demands upon authority, which in turn must appropriate wisdom from God for the submissive one."  

Quoted from Royal Cronquest, Epistles of the Kingdom, Epistle 53, Page l7.

Until role reversal is dealt with, our families will continue to be in great bondage.  We can never overcome until their control and influence is broken.
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