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Restoration heals the broken-hearted and sets the Captives FREE!!!
Subject:  The Marriage Bed.
The marriage bed is an altar and the sexual union is one of the highest forms of worship before God.  Marriage was intended to teach us how to get along with others and to know intimacy with God through the sexual union.  Gen 2:24 - "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. "  If the sexual union is indeed a form of worship, then it only stands to reason that Lucifer would try to pervert and counterfeit it.  One such means is through the practice of occult sex.  Do you understand what occult sex is?  Few Christians do.  Well, the name has been changed so that Christians would not recognize it.  It is now called for your convenience, oral sex, and it is very much a counterfeit and very dangerous behavior.  When a man and a woman join in love-making, something takes place upon climax that few Christians are aware of.  Tiny blood vessels rupture in the woman’s vagina.  This is the establishment of the blood covenant between the two partners.  Without this covenant, there is no joining together in deeper union and of course oral sex does not produce the blood that seals the covenant.  

Secular health professionals state that anything below the navel, as far as it is related to sexual contact with the mouth, is outside of normal boundaries, and is "high risk" behavior.  What does this mean?  It means that any sexual contact between the mouth and another’s genitalia carries a high risk of infection and potential contraction of disease.  The March 25, 1996, issue of U. S. World News made the following statement concerning yeast infection experienced by so many women.  "Taking antibodics made little difference in infection risk,  but taking birth control pills doubled it, while participating in oral sex tripled it.  The latter probably because a third of all adults now carry yeast in their mouths."   All that having been said, how do we explain what Paul meant when he said that "marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled"?  (Hebrews 13:4:)

1) This passage referring to the marriage bed not being defiled does not mean what many have interpreted it to mean.  It does not mean that a married couple can do anything they want in their sexual relationship with complete immunity as  long as they agree with one another as to what they will do.  Putting the passage in proper context, it is in fact dealing with the merits of marriage as opposed to sexual immorality.  In other words Paul is saying that if you are born again and you are going to have sex, you and your partner must be married. If you are not married, you are committing fornication, therefore out of grace.  But even if you are married this does not preclude the introduction of sin in the marriage bed if the couple indulges in perversion or deviant sexual behavior.  The dictionary defines perversion as such: 

 a)  Aberrant sexual behavior. 
 b)  A perverted form from the norm or the original.  
 c)  A sexual practice or act considered deviant.

2)  The word deviant is defined as follows: "differing from a norm or from accepted      standards."  A deviants is defined as:

 a)  a person whose attitude or behavior differs from the norm or from accepted                    behavior or moral standards.
 b)  a sexual pervert also called "deviant". 

In other words, to deviate is to do something differently than it was intended to be done or from a designated norm as from a specified course or prescribed mode of behavior.   

3)  Occult sex (oral sex) is definitely a perversion from the original.  It is not an accepted form of foreplay.  It is nothing less than the homosexual act between a husband and wife as opposed to two people of the same sex.  But the mechanics and dynamics are none the less the same and this form of behavior is off-limits to Christians.  Which means, if the marriage bed is indeed an alter on which we worship the Lord, when we introduce oral sex on that alter we are in effect worshipping two deities at the same time and no man can serve two masters.

If you will research the origin of occult sex as we know it, you will find that it comes directly from Babylonian fertility rights and you will discover that satan is the author of all perversion.  Occult (oral) sex is one of the two most destructive forces that Lucifer uses against Christian marriages today.  The demons behind sexual perversion are incubus and succubus.  You will find these listed in any dictionary.   However, the dictionary will attempt to mislead you by pointing out that these demons come out of Greek mythology and are only make believe. 

Believe methey are real—I take them out of born again believers all the time who are tired of unwanted sexual dreams and the constant bombardment of filthy thoughts that flood their minds against their wills.  But, if that is not enough to convince you, consider this Hypothesis:  I have at least 50 pages of computer printouts of scripture that makes reference to the words, “Fruit” and “Tree.”  Many of these references were meant to be symbolic which becomes obvious to the reader.

For instance:  “Wherefore by their fruit ye shall know them”   
(Matt. 7:20).  This passage proved that the word “Fruit” does not always refer to food.  And then in Luke 6:43 we read:  “For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.”  It should be obvious that Jesus is not discussing forestry here, rather, he is referring to good men who bring forth good fruit and corrupt men who bring forth corrupt fruit.  The word “tree” is merely the vehicle to get his point across.

I do not believe that the sin in the Garden of Eden had anything to do with a Fruit Tree.  Eve had clearly been created for Adam.  I believe that they enjoyed an inhibited and unhindered sexual relationship. Uninhibited and unhindered that is except for the restrictions that the Lord outlined for them concerning this relationship in the beginning.

Historically, God has always set ground rules for new beginnings.   I do not have a copy of those instructions, but I believe the Lord has revealed to me that masturbation and what we have come to know as “oral sex” (homosexual activity) was among them and that this deviant  conduct was as prohibitive then as it is is today, both in and out of marriage. 

I believe it played out something like this: After being tempted then challenged by Lucifer,  Eve masturbated, then later, convinced Adam to do the same.  Oral sex came into play later as Lucifer began to weave his web of sin and deceit.  In other words, Adam and Eve’s transgression had nothing to do with an apple tree.

That entire story about a forbidden tree in the Center of the Garden was all symbolic.  Why?  I suppose to confuse the wise and to make us dig for what really happened.

The truth is that the occupants of the Garden committed a sexual sin.  It is as simple as that, and much to my chagrin I have discovered that many Christians are also committing sexual sin with reckless abandon.  SIN is SIN, period. 
By Rev. Frank M. Brim
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