Restoration heals the broken-hearted 
sets the captives free!!
Restoration heals the broken-hearted and sets the Captives FREE!!!
For many years I believed, as has the vast majority of believers that demons are the fallen angels.  I simply assumed that when they fell they thereafter became known as demons as Lucifer became known as Satan.  In fact, I presumed that Satan was a demon.

None of this is true.  As it turns out the advent of demons on earth was an unexpected turn of events that took place long after Lucifer and his angels fell from grace.  An event that Lucifer took advantage of in his quest to destroy and rule God’s prized creation, man.

What happened was that two hundred of the angels known as “watchers”, appointed by God to watch over the earth actually became infatuated with the daughters of men and took them as wives.  The children resulting from these marriages were giants.  (See Genesis).

But what is not explained in Genesis is that when these giants, known as the Nephelim died off, their evil spirits (a common biblical synonym for demons) became disembodied.  These disembodied evil spirits roam the earth seeking refuge in the bodies of man where they torment, oppress, corrupt, lead astray, harass and contend with.

While demons have caused man much pain and sorrow, we have been duped into believing that they are our only enemy aside of our own flesh.  Not true.  The real culprits are the fallen angels.  They rule the demons with an iron hand.  And since those of us that have been called of God to set man free from evil spirit contamination and spiritual bondage have erroneously believed that the fallen angels and demons were one in the same, we have unwittingly ignored the fallen angels.  Demons are like attack dogs.  They attack and attack but they are not the brains behind the evil conspiracy against man.  That distinction belongs to the Lucifer and his (fallen) angels.

One of the major differences between the fallen angels and demons is that the fallen angels do not seek refuge in man.  That is, they do not penetrate the bodies of man as demons do.

Angels (messengers) are individual creations of God that were created in orders.  Their gifts, like man’s spiritual gifts are without repentance.  (That is part of what makes the fallen so dangerous).  Another major difference between demons and the fallen is that the fallen can manifest as man in time and space the same as they could before they fell.

Since I made this momentous discovery my primary focus has changed from demons to the fallen angels.  The results of this change have resulted in the success rate of my ministry soaring.  It has also resulted in fewer demonic attacks against my family and me because of the work I do.

Another myth I want to deal with has to do with Lucifer, who most believers believe that his name has been changed to Satan.

I had known for some time that Lucifer and Satan were two separate entities though I could not explain why or prove it.

I had earlier come to that conclusion because I had realized that Lucifer was a master counterfeiter.  Angels were not designed to create.  They were intended to be servants (messengers).  Therefore the fallen are deceptive but not creative.  They can only imitate.  They cannot consecrate, only desecrate.  They cannot cultivate, only violate and invalidate.

This having been said let us compare Christ to Satan.  Following Christ’s 40 days of prayer and fasting in the wilderness Satan took him on a tour.  Satan tempted Christ in every possible way but to no avail.  The meeting between the two men ended in a stale mate.  Why?  Because both Christ and Satan were at that time of equal rank.  They were both Princes.  Christ was known as the Prince of Peace and Satan was known as the Prince of this World. (After the resurrection, Christ was described as being a King after the Order of Melchisedec.)

Now, if the counterfeit godhead of this world depends on counterfeits and if at that time Satan was the counterfeit of Christ, then the obvious question begging to be answered is, who is the counterfeit of God.  The answer is, of course, Lucifer. But how could this be if Lucifer and Satan are one in the same person.  The answer is that they are not.  They are separate entities.

After years of struggling with this question and being accused of teaching false doctrine I went to Lord and laid my dilemma on the alter.  The answer came soon and with force and certainty.

“The answer to your question is shrouded in mystery and it is not yet time for this mystery to be revealed.  But I will say this:  Lucifer is to Satan and Satan is to Lucifer as I am to my son and my son is to me.”  This answer satisfied me.  I trust it will you.

Note:  My reference material concerning the difference between the fallen angels and demons came from a book authored by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman titled Alien Encounters, ISBN 157821-061-5.

The reference material concerning the watchers who fell into sin by taking the daughters of man for their wives is found in the 15th chapter of the Book of Enoch.  The Book of Enoch was written by Enoch who holds the distinction of being one of the only two men that were translated direct to heaven.  (The scripture translators did not include this book in the Bible.)  
Subject:  Demons:  Who are they and where do they come from?
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