Restoration heals the broken-hearted 
sets the captives free!!
Restoration heals the broken-hearted and sets the Captives FREE!!!
Subject:  The Decision Making Process
Do you think and pray your way through problems?

Are you open minded?

Thinking and praying yourself through a problem may sound good but it is the wrong approach.  All answers to all problems lie within the human spirit where the Holy Spirit resides.

Your mind was intended only to implement the decisions that emanate from your spirit man.

Scripture references:Mark 14:38, John 5:30, Romans 12:2, 
 Colosians 1:9,
 Ephesians 1:13, I Cor 1:16 and Phil 2:5

The scriptures listed refers to “the will of God”, the earnest of the Spirit and the mind of Christ.

Acts 11:14 –And he said, the God of our fathers hath chosen thee, that thou should know his will, and see the just one, and should hear the voice of his mouth.

To be an overcomer you must obtain the mind of the Spirit.  (See Rom 8:27).

Those who arrive at decisions through their thinking process view everything through the prisms of their past experience.  Adam had no prior experience.  There was no history books to fall back on.  For Adam, the past was a blank—he had no 
points of reference.

The mind requires points of references in order to make determinations.  Therefore, Adam’s wisdom had to come from his spirit.  That wisdom was put into action by  his mind.  If we relied upon our spirits instead of our minds, we would not 
make mistakes.  Think about that.

If you are to become an overcomer, you must learn to rely upon your spirit, not your mind.
By Rev. Frank M. Brim
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